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As I Begin

Branding yourself or planning your own project is always so difficult, despite having the freedom of being the sole decision-maker!

It’s been weird thinking through how to begin this blog, because I always want to wrestle with all the planning and brainstorming that goes into the “why” of a project, rather just jumping into the “how” to get the project completed. Thinking through the goal of this blog, planning out the categories to use, determining which static pages will be worthwhile, let alone trying to come up with a compelling, interesting design, have all been strange processes to force myself to go through. It’s been a cool exercise! I’m trying to balance that, however, with the need to “ship”, as Seth Godin talks about. So I’ve decided that I’m going to let this blog be an iterative process as I design and build it out further.

This is a WordPress blog, obviously. I won’t bother outlining the process of setting up your own WordPress installation, as others on the internet have done a sufficient job of that.

For now, I’ve installed WordPress on this domain and established a few categories. Nothing major.

I’ll say that the hardest part of getting this off the ground was trying to think through what I wanted this blog to accomplish. And that illustrates what has always been the biggest hurdle in doing work for clients over the years. We do a lot of things in this industry without asking “why?” And without the “why?”, there’s no tangible way to know if you’re progressing toward a successful completion of a project, or just making more noise on the internet.

So my goal with this blog, and the criterion with which you can help me critique its effectiveness, is to share the knowledge I’ve learned over the years and the knowledge I’ll acquire as I continue shipping projects. I want to create a site worth bookmarking for folks looking to understand WHY we do what we do, before moving on to the HOW we do what we do.

Hope it’s helpful. Thanks for reading.